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Concrete Wall
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All About Us!

My name is Sindhu, I’m from Bangalore, India!

I have a college degree in engineering and have worked my way up from an associate level to a Lead Resource Manager at a big 4 firm! 

I met my husband at work and decided to tie the knot in 2010 with the blessing of our beautiful families! While we were both at the top of our careers, we were blessed with our daughter in 2012 and I opted to become a full-time mom and we moved to the States around the same time!

I'm a self-taught artist who began with sketches and oil paintings. I rapidly discovered my affinity for a variety of mediums and the challenges that come with working to perfect them. What began as a hobby to create art for my house, family, and friends turned into a business concept and we formally launched Art for Boredom in January 2022!!

 Coming from a family that has been in the wood business for over 49 years, I knew that understanding wood and working with it was in my blood! This inspired me to come up with fresh concepts that are both classic and unconventional! I began combining what I had learnt from each media and diverse approaches to create a distinct trademark work. And the majority of them turned out to be my favorite.


Fast forward to now, we are a family of 5, my husband Sudhir, my 11-year-old daughter Shreshta, my 6-year-old son Shreyank, my 3-year-old golden retriever Enzo and myself.

After moving around a few different states, we settled down in Texas and call it our home since 2016!


And the artists now behind Art For Boredom is just not me! It is truly a family business! My children (who make polymer clay earrings, pins), husband (the muscle behind all those beautiful wooden boards), and myself (artwork, resin, kolam and a little bit of everything) 


As the artists behind this concept, our hope is that our work evokes a sense of connection, warmth, and emotion in our audience.

We have dedicated our heart and soul into consistently refining every part of the artwork we make.

Concrete Wall


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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